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  • Vevey 2012Blog

    Stunning scenery, great food, speakers, debate and coffee & chocolate! Something for everybody! By Stuart Wigham Set on the shores of Lake Geneva, the Nestle Global Headquarters was the venue of our next conference. The walk along Lake Geneva to and from the conference venue was a joy, one participant suggested it was “the best […]

  • Frankfurt 2011 | Verstehen! To Understand!Blog

    By Dr Stuart Wigham I recall two conversations before the first EODF conference. One was with Alastair Mitchell-Baker and the other was with Paul. I knew Alastair through ODF in the USA, he was a fellow Board Member, his call was to float the idea of a European version of ODF and what were my […]

  • Organisation Design Meet Up Hungary | 2019Country Events

    8th of May, Budapest 1067 Budapest | Hungary | Eötvös street 10 No company can be successful without being clear about its purpose. To be able to join a company and its purpose with your full heart, you have to be aware of your own purpose too. In any organisation and community, strategy follows purpose and […]


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