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    Organization Design Forum invites you to the 2015 Annual Conference in California, Silicon Valley, April 21 – 23. Please click the link below for more details: 2015 ODF Flyer

  • ODF 2015 conference “Designing for purpose. Organizing by design”Uncategorized

    Organization Design Forum invites you to the 2015 Annual Conference in California, Silicon Valley, April 21 – 23. Please click the link below for more details: 2015 ODF Flyer    

  • Rowing In Amstel!Uncategorized

    We have organized a rowing expedition for those interested in some exercise Friday evening! Standard 4-persons boat During the evening activity, beginning around 1900 on Friday, 17th October will be rowing or boordroeien in Dutch, on the Amstel. For those interested, there is also the possiblity if a sculling boat (Dutch and English). If you want […]

  • EODF 2014 ‘Special Guest’ Naomi Stanford runs an organisation design masterclassUncategorized

    Next week, on 16th of October, you can meet Naomi Stanford at Roffey Park. She is one of the Special Guests to  our Annual Conference in Amsterdam. The occasion is an organisation design masterclass – please check the details clicking on the link below:,2NOJ2,1EU4U3,9PU3I,1

  • Mark La Scola, EODF Board member, speaking as owner of On The MarkUncategorized

    Organizational Design Community ODC Annual Conference 2014 The program for the Annual Conference 2014 at The Wharton School on Sunday, August 3, is available at the ODC website. The panel topics include: Organization Redesign – Bottom-up or Top-down?, Managing Knowledge & Innovation through Organization Design, and Organization Design and the External Environment. Panel speakers include […]

  • UK Country Meeting, Defining Organisational Purpose, 10th June 2014Uncategorized

    Following feedback about session topics and leaders during the February meeting, Jim Shillady has agreed to lead a session on Defining Organisational Purpose. “Most approaches to organisation design – and a wide range of other organisational interventions – regard clarity of purpose as their essential starting point. It provides the basis for the logic of design, and it […]

  • One day Hands-on Organisation Design Training – theory, practice and methods Budapest, 15th MayEventsHungaryNews

    Would you like to have a thorough overview of Organisation Design so that you could actively discuss, differentiate against other solutions and recognize the need and opportunity for its’ application? You can learn from two acknowledged international practitioners and have an opportunity to be able to apply organization design solutions to real business/organizational challenges.   […]

  • ODN Europe, 7-8 May 2014, Roffey ParkNewsUnited Kingdom

    ODN Europe – Collaborating and Innovating in Social Systems 7-8th May Roffey Park Institute Horsham West Sussex The EODF is pleased to be sponsoring and organising a track at the ODN Europe Annual conference focused on Organisation Design. We have three exciting session planned – Jean Neumann and Francis Abraham are going to be guiding […]

  • Finnamore_London_office_location

    18th February 2014 UK MeetingNewsUnited Kingdom

    At this event Guillermo Rogel, then Deputy Programme Director, Amnesty International; International Mobilisation Programme will be talking about organisational change and growth in not-for-profit organisations. Guillermos session will look at the question of growth and how it impacts the design of organisations, particularly those faced by membership organisations and reflects on the OD necessary to […]

  • Paul Tolchinsky presenting in RomaniaNews

    Our board member, Paul Tolchinsky, will be presenting at the Learning & Development Summit 2014 in Romania on 27 March 2014. The theme of the summit is “LEARNING without FRONTIERS IN ORGANISATIONS”. To find out more about the summit and the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, see the iTOL website.