The Curatorial Board

The Curatorial Board aims to provide the most relevant content to our members and is composed of six thought leaders in the field of organisational design. We make that content available to our members by means of the knowledge base on our website as well as a periodical newsletter.

naomiNaomi Stanford

Dr Naomi Stanford is an organisation design practitioner, teacher, and author. She advises and supports corporate and government clients in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She is the author of numerous books including: Organization Design: The Collaborative Approach (2004), The Economist Guide to Organisation Design (2007) and Corporate Culture: Getting it Right (2010). During her earlier UK career she was a corporate employee of large multinational companies, including Price Waterhouse, British Airways, Marks & Spencer, and Xerox. She then moved to the US working as an organisation design consultant to a range of organisations in the government, non-profit and private sectors. Naomi has now returned to the UK to work in the government sector and become a reformist civil servant. In addition, she supervises doctoral students at Capella University in organisation theory and speaks, writes, and teaches on many aspects of organisation. Her blog,, showcases her interests.



Nicolay Worren

Dr Nicolay Worren is an associate professor in organization & leadership at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He recently joined academia after 18 years as a management consultant. He has consulted with several large and leading companies, and has led or participated in more than 25 organisation re-design projects. He is the author of Organization Design: Re-defining complex systems (Pearson Education, UK, 2012). He also writes a blog:





Paul Tolchinsky

Dr Paul Tolchinsky is an internationally known pioneer in Whole-Scale Change Management and co-founder and current member of the Board of the European Organisational Design Forum. He has been consulting to major companies around the world for the past thirty years. He has extensive experience in managing and facilitating large system change efforts; new plant design and start-ups; redesigning existing manufacturing facilities, particularly where unions are involved and has led numerous study missions to Japan. Paul’s particular expertise is in the design of organisations, applying socio-technical principles and Whole-Scale™. The author of numerous articles, he has also co-authored two books: Unleashing the Magic in Organizations: The Whole-scale Approach and Unleashing the Magic: A Toolkit (2000). In recent years Paul has been an invited speaker and guest lecturer in Europe, Australia, India, Brazil, Singapore and Hong Kong.



Eindhoven, 17-04-2008;

Sjoerd (Georges) Romme

Dr Georges Romme is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. He has over 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector and has a strong interest in entrepreneurship, organisation design, innovation management, design science, system dynamics, and professional development. In addition, Georges has extensive experience in supervisory and advisory boards in industry and higher education. He is currently pursuing the revitalisation of management as a science-based profession and recently published The Quest for Professionalism: The Case of Management and Entrepreneurship (Oxford University Press, 2016).






Kathleen M. Molloy

Kathy Molloy, MA, MBA, is an organisation design practitioner, coach and cross-cultural consultant.  An anthropologist working in global businesses, she is committed to helping businesses and non-profits thrive and sustain themselves in the global economy, through the alignment of culture, leadership, and structure with business strategy.  Kathy has co-authored articles on organisation change, globalisation, organisation design and leadership.  For National Productivity Review, she co-authored “How the Learning Organization Manages Change,” as well as “Gaining a Critical Edge in Mastering Globalization” for Leadership in Action, published by Center for Creative Leadership.


naomiJeroen van Bree

Dr Jeroen van Bree is the former chair of EODF and ODI. He is a managing consultant at the Organization Design group of Berenschot, an independent, thoroughly Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation. Jeroen combines some twenty years of consulting experience with the latest (academic) insights in the field to support managers in their task of organizational design. Besides his consulting work, he is a lecturer at the University of Amsterdam Business School, where he teaches and supervises master’s theses in the Executive Program in Management Studies. Jeroen is the author of Game Based Organization Design (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).


naomiAndrew Bratton

Dr Andrew Bratton is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management at Edinburgh Napier University Business School, Scotland. Prior to university teaching, he was a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate in Workplace Innovation at the University of Strathclyde in a Microsoft technology consultancy, Glasgow. Andrew’s research interests include strategic human resource management, leadership and workplace learning, and environmentally sustainable organisations. His current knowledge exchange activity centres on the application of lean and agile practices in SMEs.

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