Our hope is to be recognized as the premier European association in the field of Organisation Design. We provide a community for practitioners, educators and organisational leaders, where members are challenged to advance the principles of organisation design, share and synthesize best practice, and create new knowledge about how people and systems are organised to achieve results and create meaningful experiences.

Our mission

To build and advance the community, practice, and strategic role of Organisation Design.

Our purpose

Creating a connected community, exploring inspirational perspectives to release organisational potential.

Our guiding principles

  • Representing European diversity with extensive connections to other communities with similar interests
  • Highly inclusive of a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, values, methods and levels of experience
  • A safe space for us to teach, learn, challenge, inspire and have fun
  • Transparency in everything we do, open to everyone to see
  • ‘Serious Play’ – “I went to a dinner party and joined a family meal”

Our shared History


A number of mainly UK based people attend ODF conferences in the USA. Inevitably discussion turns to having an ‘ODF Europe’.
In ODF conferences there is a European Session and a growing sense of interest and interesting work in organisation design across Europe.
Paul moves to Europe with an idea to start something in Europe and calls Alastair and Christine Irwin.
They then convene a wider call with 3 contacts each and onwards with the intention that each of would reach out to 3 others.


First EODF Website – blog version
Conference planning team set up – aiming to balance learning and connecting.
November 2011: iO Hotel, Eschborn, Germany, outside Frankfurt – 1st Conference (26 people predominately from the UK). Agrees Purpose and Vision.
Elvira meets Paul in Budapest.
Our conference process begins to emerge – aiming to always have a “host,” someone to provide us a location, ensure local contributors, and help us keep costs down.


May conference: Vevey, Switzerland (45 people), hosted by Nestle, predominately their HR Business Partners.
Visible conflict! Academics and theoretical versus the practical; needs of the novice versus the needs of the more experienced.
Susan meets Paul.
Paul says he intends to retire (for the first time!) working “half-time.”
Birmingham Pre-Conference – Forming the Board from willing volunteers.
October, Birmingham City Council is our host. Birmingham Conference (60 people attend, again largely UK). Stuart and Mark co-chair
We establish ourselves formally as a Company Limited by Guarantee in the UK.
EODF UK meetings start.


Board Strategic Planning day in London, Dolby, with board signed up as company members.
Susan joined the Board
March, official, paid administrator (Ana) starts.
Vienna Pre-Conference Board Meeting, lots of discussion about what is a partnership with others and expanding our visibility.
Oct, Vienna, Conference (70), Sophia and David Co-Chair
Paul invited Cocoon to 2013 Vienna (meets Stelio and encourages them to attend and share).


Reading, Board meeting, Pot Kiln Dinner, amazing evening.
Gabor Szetey – board member says good-bye.
Virtual meeting structure proposition.
ODN Europe conference-  we have 4 presentations and gain exposur.e
New EODF Website
1st member paid their subs!
March, Catania with EODF and Cocoon.
May, 1st Pilot EODF Course Budapest (2 days).
May, Budapest Board meeting, Strategic Framework set
Wine tasting and dinner & Great Climat.e
May, Budapest, EODF @ Telekom.  Board presentation at Telekom
ITOL Romania first events (September)
EU WIN (partnering event in Vienna, June). Jacopo presents.
Hire marketing intern for the Conference.
October Board Meeting:  Board member and Co-Chair selection processes agreed
Oct., Amsterdam, Amazing Conference (85)
October – official handover of Chair role to Elvira.
Community NOCO 300 +
Next Conference in Italy.
New Board members nominated and elected


Jan., Birmingham Board meeting
EODN May Organization Design Track.
First meeting BENELUX Hub (March 2015).
EODF members – 6 corporate, 75+ members combined
FB likes over 250.
LinkedIn, over 150.
Launched the knowledge base for members and installed a curatorial Board and employ a curatorial assistant
Jul. Employ 3 persons to support marketing and communication for EODF15
Design 2 modules of org design Masterclass and deliver the 1st one in Oct. in Milan
First EODF Scotland meetings (3)
3 events run in England which lead to 5 times bigger community
October, EODF15 in Milan, over 100 participants from 18 countries

Board meetings in Barcelona (Feb.), Reading (Apr.), Utrecht (Sept.), Bucharest (planned, Nov.)
Jan.& Mar., Budapest deliver First in-house Masterclass both modules for Telekom HU
Mar., ODF and EODF join forces on the knowledge base and ODF community receives our curated content newsletter
Mar.&Jul. 2 events run in England community and one in Scotland
Mar. EODF Benelux group meets
Apr. Employ one Marketing and Conference assistant for EODF16
We have members from 18 countries
Masterclass (2 modules) delivered in Utrecht almost full class.
September: Under the Knowledge base project, EODF and ODF launches online conversations based on the curated content newsletter
EODF16 Planned for October, in Barcelona, over 100 participants from 18 countries
Planned 2 days of Pre-Conference Masterclasses

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