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The European Organisation Design Forum builds and advances the community, practice, and leadership of the field of Organisation Design and its strategic role in the connectivity to other disciplines.


  • GLO.WIN MANIFESTOUncategorized

    The  ‘GLO.WIN’—the Global Organization for Work Innovation Manifesto, was signed in September of 2015, by members of the Global STS Design Network, EUWIN, IWOT, the European Organization Design Forum (EODF), and individual practitioners in Appreciative Inquiry, Lean Organization and other methodologies.

  • Masterclass: Seeing, Thinking and Doing DesignUncategorized

    Masterclass: Seeing, Thinking and Doing Design 25th-26th February 2016 | Barcelona, Spain Day 1: Seeing and Thinking Design During this masterclass we use a “story telling approach”, exploring organisation design through cases. Our hope is to: Place Organisation Design into the broader movement of ‘design thinking’. Specifically, what does it mean to be a designer? […]

  • Curated Content Newsletter January 2016Uncategorized

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