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  • #EODF16IceBreaker – Let`s spread the word about organisation design!ConferencesNews

    Let’s spread the word about organisation design, have some fun and get to know each other! #EODF16IceBreaker was initially created as a warm up for the upcoming EODF 2016 Annual Conference in Barcelona. However, due to its potential to engage Organisation Design Community across the globe, we are now opening this series of video channel to […]

  • Research with the EODFUncategorized

    As you know, one of the key goals of EODF is to contribute to improving the practice of organisation design. For this reason, we invite those of you who are consultants (internal or external) or who have a leading role in organisation design projects in some other capacity, to participate in a brief survey. The […]

  • Seeing, Thinking and Doing Design, Utrecht, 8th-9th of September 2016BENELUXCountry EventsEventsSPAIN

    Masterclass Module 1 “Seeing & Thinking Design” In this introductory masterclass, we explore the relationship between the individual designer and organisation design. We will talk about different frameworks and models, as a way to explore what designing organisations means to each of us, in a very personal and hopefully fun way. Our hope is to: […]


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