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  • EODF16 StorybookConferences

    This year we met in the beautiful city of Barcelona, where we were inspired by the different viewpoints of our special guests and challenged to translate this new thinking to our own practice as organisation designers. This EODF16_Storybook offers a great visual impression of EODF16 and we hope it sparks some good memories for you. […]

  • Seeing and Thinking Design, 2nd of March 2017, EdinburghEventsUnited Kingdom

    Organisation design is increasingly important, with leaders increasingly needing to consider the best shape to deliver the organisations strategic intent today while exploring new models and ideas that will reshape the organisation tomorrow. Getting your organisation design wrong can lead to a “bewildering morass of contradictions”. – HBR, 2011   Content Overview “my perspective has […]

  • EODF DACH Country Group Meeting in Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz MuseumD-A-CHEvents

    Demography and Organisational Design The EODF DACH Country Group had a great event in the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart on the 18th of November 2016. The special exhibition of Ey Alter was a perfect frame to discuss the potentials of demographic change for organisations. Demography will also have a great impact on Organisational Design in […]


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