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Edinburgh, 13th June

Jen Lewis-Strevens, Head of Organisational Design of Royal Bank of Scotland, has offered to host another ODNE-European Organisation Design Forum joint event at Gogarburn, Edinburgh, on 13th June from 10 am until 4pm. RBS themselves will offer a session based on their recent experiences with job framework and architecture work.

Book your place here.

Points of contact are Ian M Robertson for the ODNE Scotland Connect Group, Iredi07@btinternet.com & Nick Richmond for EODF, nick@tricordant.com.

London, 26th July

Understanding Customer Experience – How not to get “disrupted” out of business….

This event will again be hosted by the wonderful people at the John Lewis partnership in Victoria, and Steve Hearsum (ODNE) and Nick Richmond (EODF) will be your guides for the day.

The theme is customer experience, and inquiring into how customer behaviour and the very nature of ‘customer’ is changing.
Questions we will inquire into include:
– Do Organisation Development & Design understand the difference between customer, user and audience?
– What is a truly Customer Centric organisation?
– What is the Impact and what are the imperatives for Organisational Design, Development and Culture?

Plus you will get a chance to engage with practical methods to address the issues and initiate change in this area.

We will be joined by Roger Williams, who has a background in not just the practice of design, development and implementation of customer strategies, he has researched shifting patterns of behaviour that are changing the nature of the challenge.

Details of how to book will be announced soon.

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