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Exploring Agile Operating Models and the Art of Scissorproofing

The European Organisation Design Forum announces its next amazing London event from 4pm-8pm on 12th July. These events are free to attend for all, great fun and high value. As ever these events get oversubscribed quickly so do let nick@tricordant.com know if you’d like to attend. We have two great sessions planned, check them out below.

What is an agile operating model

led by Andrew Campbell, Director of Ashridge Executive Education part of Hult International Business School

Drawing on his hot new book, Andrew will offer definitions of the terms “agile” and “operating model” before exploring operating model design using his mnemonic POLISM. The group will then explore which parts of an operating model cause “sclerosis” (the opposite to agile) and how the different parts of an operating model can be designed to create agility.

Andrew will close the session by sharing some of his views: which include the importance of “time to change” and “multi-skilling”.

Organisational Design and the Art of Scissorproofing

led by Kevin, Director of GE Healthcare Finnamore

Commissioners and providers of health and social care face a critical mismatch of demand, funding, and skilled workers. This problem has been looming on the horizon for years; now we are living in it. Efforts to deal with it at a strategic level have largely disrupted the market, but not solved the core problems of productivity and population health. In this session, we will look at how some large healthcare providers have managed to materially adjust their organisational culture and business processes, by employing a methodology developed by GE to align its own staff around business priorities and desired behavioural norms. In most cases, providers feel this approach has helped them to slow or reverse the productivity spiral. Welcome side effects are improved staff satisfaction, and relief of the shortfall in their skilled workforce.

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