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How did Mark become a certified organisation design professional and why this certification is important?

Mark LaScola, ODI board member and Managing Principal of ON THE MARK, was granted certification by the Organization Design Community’s (ODC’s) Certification Program for Organization Design Professionals (CODP) for his professional accomplishments and expertise in organisation design.

Local business Leader and organisation design expert Mark LaScola and his team deliver the highest quality of cross-industry solutions to clients as determined by an independent, external process of evaluation.

Criteria for certification include recognition of Mark`s achievement of planning and executing over 400 organization design projects around the globe over the last 28 years, investing thousands of hours doing this work, and fulfilling a set of organization design education courses and/or conferences.

The CODP program is a collaboration of three of the premier Organization Design Professional communities: Organizational Design Community (ODC), European Organisation Design Forum (EODF) and Organization Design Forum (ODF).

Mark stands among the first Certified Organization Design Professionals of the program. Not all individual organization design professionals seek certification; not all that undergo the evaluation process are approved for certification.

“This certification means a lot to me for two reasons,” stated LaScola. “Doing this kind of work is both my professional calling and my life’s work. Additionally, it’s been a goal of mine to establish a set of global standards in this field that is embraced across multiple professional organizations, while serving to distinguish competent practitioners, researchers and professors from the masses.”

A CODP certification can help you in being recognized by (potential) clients and by your colleagues as an expert in the field. It helps you stand out and distinguish yourself in a growing and maturing discipline. Your listing in the CODP directory can be a source of new business and can help you in qualifying for new client engagements or new job opportunities.

And although the program uses strict criteria for certification, don’t worry if you don’t have the wealth of experience that Mark LaScola can pride himself on. The bar is not set at 400 projects. Find out more about the requirements at orgdesigncomm.com/Certification-Program.

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