Pre-Conference Workshops

Workshop 1: Designing Agile teams and collaborative ways of working

Co-creating self-organising in a solution-focused way:

Have you ever wondered how actually teams, departments, organisations embark from a hierarchical command-control based way of operating and arrive successfully to a self-organised adaptive ways or organising themselves around work that changes fast?

What are the key ingredients? What is the role of leaders on this journey? How can the evolution be co-created, and made fun and filled with lightness?

Elvira Kalmar has packed together her more than 15 years experience as an Organisation Development and Design specialist, armed herself with a solution-focused mindset and marched into one of the biggest employers in Hungary. The rest is history and she is happy to share with you her learnings and assist you on your own journey on the way to make things evolve into the right direction.

This workshop will focus on what is possible to be changed within a company, including the on tools leaders, HR professionals can be able to use as of tomorrow:
– how to create connections and engagement under constantly changing circumstances.
– when is it time to redesign the work you do drastically?
– how a leader and a team can co-create the journey towards self-organisation?
– what the role of digital platforms as collaboration tools and as redesign enablers?
– how change can be replaced by evolution, made fun and filled with lightness?

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Elvira Kalmar – I am an organisation philosopher and a development practitioner: collected my experience as an internal and external organisation design consultant as well as an organisation and community development practitioner.

I have 20 years experience in developing non-profit organisations, start-ups, small and medium size businesses, multinational companies and professional communities.

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Workshop 2: Organisational choice and technological disruption

Read here the context of this workshop and what is going to reveal to you.

Approaching the challenge

Organisational choice is used as shorthand for explaining that an organisation faced with a new, potentially disrupting technology has the opportunity to choose the way this new technology is implemented. E.g. when a robot replaces manual labour, the task of programming and maintaining the robot is new, and assigning these tasks is an Organisation Design question.

Can the redundant blue-collar workers be trained for these tasks? Is a specialist robot group needed?

Do we need separate jobs for programming and process planning and maintenance?

Quality of work is influenced by the way organisational choices are made. Based on a Dutch or Lowlands perspective of sociotechnical systems design, this workshop will distinguish the roles technology can play in various organisations.

Design decisions on the division of labour over organisational units, are followed by assigning coordination and control tasks to ensure the quality of work. Only after designing the structure, the design of the systems can follow to avoid de-humanizing work.”

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L.J. Lekkerkerk (or just Hans) combines a BSC in Mechanical engineering (1982) with an MSc in (social) Systems design (1985) from Delft University in the Netherlands, and a PhD in Business administration (2012) from Radboud University in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. In his PhD-thesis he combines systems thinking, organisation design, and innovation management.

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Jesper Hanssen is a passionate organisation design and developer, who likes to navigate between theory and practice. He prefers to facilitate and guide (management) teams in the directing, redesigning and developing their organization. Besides that, he really enjoys lecturing at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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Workshop 3: Bringing values to life in technology enabled organisations

Stu Wigham and Jodie Goulden talking about why they are offering this workshop.

Technology enabled organisations are everywhere! Today, technology is leading the transformation of organisations, the way we work, and the way we think.

While tech is important, there is an opportunity to focus now only on tech change but also on the human elements. We can do this by putting values at the heart of organisation design.
Organisations that truly live their values will attract future generations. They will enable employees, customers and society to thrive. While many companies communicate their values e.g., around trust, sustainability, diversity, not all are successful in operationalizing their values and bringing them to life.

In this workshop, we share theory, examples and methods for designing values driven organisations. We explore how to articulate and embed a set of values that are meaningful and adaptive. You are invited to bring your own cases and experience to share in the group. You will leave with inspiration and tools that you can apply afterwards in your work.

Imagine being able to live the future you seek, while designing it! If you believe organisations can be a force for good, and you want to help make that happen, this workshop is for you.

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Stuart John Wigham PhD , is a Content Manager and Consultant at ON THE MARK.

He recently completed his doctoral research in Organisation Design.

In addition to this, he is on the Board of Directors of the USA ODF. His expertise is within the Whole system school of thought with a particular interest in engagement principles and practice and applying Strategy, Reward and Equality principles.

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Jodie Goulden is a Consultant and HR Executive at Orgdesign Works, helping organisations design and implement effective ways of working. She is also a Speaker-Coach for TEDx.

Her career comprises more than 20 years of experience as a leader and HR professional in multinational companies, holding senior positions at BASF including Head of Global Development & Learning, and has also worked at Lucent Technologies (now Nokia) and Deloitte.

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Workshop 4: Leading By Resonance


In a time of higher market turbulence, mounting consumer pressure and global competition, most organisations are launching themselves into a sequence of transformation cycles.

Whether the driver is digital, agile, artificial intelligence or some other hot trend of the moment, such initiatives are often aimed to revamp technological systems, business processes and organisation design in search of more agility, improved levels of efficiency, a better strategic position or stronger revenue streams.

Unfortunately, none of such outcomes can be achieved unless the change in the formal setup is accompanied with, and possibly guided by, a much deeper and more complex evolution of the human dynamics underpinning them.

Beyond a limited org-centred perspective, design and strategy need to evolve to embrace a broader ecosystemic perspective. Through it, impact and performance evolve in meaning and practice. Focus evolves beyond customer-centricity. A new attention to ‘resonance’ arises as a form of both purpose and feedback at the same time. Leadership finds a whole new meaning and evolved practices.

  • How we can lead for the good of our organisations and, at the same time, for their wider ecosystems, in fact evolving the very concept of strategy-making?
  • How to unleash the natural energy of human systems in the form of emergent leadership?
  • How to merge direction with a purpose that resonates with each team and individual?
  • How can the experiences generated for others become your main growth asset?
  • How can we find the sweet spot at the intersection between self-interest and a broader ecosystemic interest?

Facing the real depth of these questions requires an entirely new perspective rooted in the knowledge of what an organisation can be today.

In this full day of explorations we’ll leverage both the years of work behind the Ecosight framework and the CORE2 methodology to co-generate true and actionable learning across these interdependent topics.

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Stelio Verzera is passionately curious, fond of value creation, lean thinking and the ocean, He is an entrepreneur, coach, consultant and advisor in different scopes of Innovation.

Since 1995 he’s been supporting organisations in their understanding and navigation of key evolutionary phases.

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Claudia Pellicori brings organisations and professionals onto their evolution path, helping them to recognize the strengths that make them unique and thus develop new growth opportunities.

In particular, she works for innovating their way of conversing, collaborating and co-creating, starting from their own identity, a fundamental awareness to know in which direction to go.

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