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What does it take to lead change? – Leading the design and development of organisations is not positional

Leadership is hardly a new topic, and the industry of those that ‘develop leaders and leadership’ is vast. Less common is research and inquiry in what it takes to lead organisation design and organisation development, specifically. Whilst there is a literature on change leadership, it does not have much to say when it comes to those who are ‘leading’ the complex change that OD&D typically represents.

This raises a number of questions;

What are the leadership roles in OD&D?

Are there different leader role at different points in the process?

What are the respective roles of a business leader leading OD&D and an ‘expert’ leading the work?

What impact does leader style or status have on the design and development work?

What is it appropriate for a leader to delegate to a leader of OD&D and what should they not abdicate responsibility for?

Can the two roles ever be combined?

What are the skills and competencies of a leader of OD&D and how, if at all, do they differ from any other kind?

How is all of the above being impacted by emerging technology and the demands of leading in a Digital Age?

When and where do OD&D consultants/specialist help or hinder?

More broadly, have we got to the point where the specialists – those in OD&D, Change, HR etc – have created such a mythology and smoke & mirrors around their expertise that it is actively hindering the ability and permission that leaders within client systems have to take up responsibility for things that they could, and arguably should?

Join EODF and ODNE for a day’s inquiry and discussion into the above questions. We will be joined by a number of provocative guest speakers, to help spur things on. We will annouce these speakers over the next few weeks.

Please arrive from 9.30am for coffee, we will begin at 10am and finish at 4.30pm.

If you have any queries please contact the event organisers.


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