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  • Starting a New Chapter in Organisation DesignBlog

    by Jeroen van Bree, EODF and ODI Chair Phanish Puranam (et al.) described organising as the process of solving “two fundamental and interlinked problems: the division of labor and the integration of effort”. This fits with the day-to-day challenges that are faced by organisation designers: those internal and external organisational agents attempting to fit the […]

  • On the Origins and Purpose of EODF MasterclassesBlog

    by Paul Tolchinsky Across Europe any number of people and communities are talking about how organisations are set up. From Teal, to Management 3.0, to Beta Codex, Sociocracy and Holocracy communities of people are talking about the design of current organizations. Few, however, are talking about HOW to design. What is the process; how do […]

  • EODF UK Country Meeting, Edinburgh, 20th of April 2018, 12.30 – 3.30 PMCountry EventsUnited Kingdom

    Begin at the Beginning! Register here The European Organisation Design Forum and the Organisation Development Network Europe have come together to run a joint community event generously hosted by RBS. This event seeks to develop the community of practice in Scotland by beginning to answer the question “where do I start?” This will be a […]


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