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  • Curated Content Newsletter January 2016Uncategorized

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  • EODF Benelux in 2015 and furtherBENELUXCountry Events

    The EODF Benelux country group has been quietly active in 2015. We had three meetings (hosted by Berenschot, TNO and Shell) and assembled a group of around 15 organisation design professionals (internal as well as external consultants) who enjoy taking the time for a professional exchange with their peers. The starting point for the discussions […]

  • Still talking about EODF15, but booking the date for EODF16Uncategorized

    We are celebrating EODF15 a moment longer, check out some great good photos and download the Storybook! Whether you’ve been to our Milan conference or not, we look forward to having you in Barcelona for EODF16 from 14th-15th of October 2016. Until then, get involved and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn page and group, get our newsletter, become […]


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