The Organisation Design Institute is a charity registered in the UK, and the EODF is a private limited company registered in the United Kingdom. The ODI and EODF are working to influence leaders and organisations across Europe, and to create an environment that inspires and nurtures the capability of our community. The governing body of the Organisation Design Institute is the Board of Trustees, the EODF is the subsidiary “trading arm” of the ODI.
The main governing body of our organization is the Board of Trustees of the Organisation Design Institute:

Jeroen van Bree, the ODI Chair,  is a managing consultant at the Organizational Design group of Berenschot, an independent, thoroughly Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation. Jeroen combines almost twenty years of consulting experience with the latest (academic) insights in the field to support managers in their task of organizational design, in the public as well as the private sector. A subject that has had his particular professional interest is enriching organizational design with elements from design thinking and game design. In 2013, he obtained a PhD at Nyenrode Business Universiteit based on his work investigating these issues. His book Game Based Organization Design was published by Palgrave Macmillan.
Nick Richmond, the ODI Co-Chair and the UK lead since 2012, has a passion to design thriving workplaces by creating healthy, meaningful work to form high performing organisations. For over 10 years Nick has worked across multiple sectors, building upon his relational approach, strategic thinking and innovative spirit to specialise in organisation design, organisational development and bringing the future to life. In his leadership roles Nick works hard to share the story of the vision and values of the organisation, creating the environment for the community to flourish and to enable capability development as we share, provoke and inspire each other in safe spaces. Nick is a Director of Tricordant, an organisation design and development consultancy which seeks to release the greatness within people and organisations. Nick is a qualified Chemical Engineer, holds an MBA with distinction, is an accredited Managing Successful Programmes practitioner and is currently completing the Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change at The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
In my spare time I support my local church and speak at business events.
Mark LaScola, Managing Principal, ON THE MARK – is a leading global organization design and business transformation consultancy based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA and London, UK. Since 1990, LaScola and the OTM team have successfully delivered over 400 redesigns and transformations for every type of business function, across most industries and on five continents and over 35 countries. OTM authored and owns one of the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated transformation solution from concept through implementation – doing things in organisation design no one else is doing. Mark and the OTM team have trained and developed over 5,000 executives, managers and internal change agents in OTM’s design and transformation solutions. Mark holds an interdisciplinary Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from San Jose State University (1985), where his work focused on systems theory and its application to human systems and processes. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Fresno State University (1980). Mark regularly contributes to our field of practice by authoring and delivering original content in a variety of settings from teaching in MBA programs to industry presentations to virtual webinar series. Mark serves on the Boards of EODF and the Organization Design Community (ODC).
Stuart Wigham MA, is a Content Manager and Consultant at ON THE MARK. He is currently a doctoral researcher specialising in Organisation Design and Workforce Psychology. In addition to this he is on the Board of Directors of the USA ODF. He’s expertise is within the Whole system school of thought with a particular interest in engagement principles and practice and applying Strategy, Reward and Equality principles. Stuart has spent much of his eighteen years’ experience within the UK local government in recent years adopting learning from commercial organisations and applying it within public sector at the most senior strategic level. He is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, a Fellow of the RSA and an Associate Fellow of the UK HEA.
Julia Flower, the ODI Treasurer, is an independent organisation design specialist consultant. She leads and delivers organisation design, development and people change transformation programmes using industry standard OD methodology mainly for clients across large commercial and public sector organisations, in the UK and global. Julia’s special interests include the impact of culture and diversity as an output of organisation design. It is worth noting that Julia spent 15 years as a HR professional; she also worked as a visiting lecturer in Human Resources Management at Westminster Business School. She has a degree in Accounting and Business Management, a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and is a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She provides OD services to clients on an interim and consultancy basis.
Saket Bivalkar  is a Business and Organisational Coach, helping organisations to grow in a sustainable manner, while making a point that people in the organization grow as well. He is based in Barcelona, Spain, while still working with organisations across globe. His work is based on a vast array of tools, such as Agile, Lean, Solution-focused coaching, NLP and Systemic coaching. Saket is a passionate serial entrepreneur, have exited from a few ventures. His principal focus is on leadership and that has led him to develop “Versatile Leadership” which is a framework for leadership development and Leadership Pipeline development. He coaches various executives in leadership and management.
Thomas DoeringThomas Doering lived through his career in The United States, the United Kingdom, Romania and now back in Germany. Prior becoming an Organizational Design Counsellor, Thomas worked for 25 years for Procter & Gamble in various leadership roles and disciplines, including Manufacturing, Engineering, Purchasing, and Planning/Project Management. The focus of his work has been people & organizational development and project management. Throughout his career, Thomas successfully helped organizations to deliver better results. His work experience includes leading international diverse teams, including remote teams. He is also a certified Coach (DGSv) and a certified OSM Consultant.
EODF-Board Val SedounikVal Sedounik specialises in working with organisations that are dealing with transformational change and innovation challenges by adapting strategy, aligning leaders and organisations. Her mission is to co-create and deliver customised, innovative and future-focused solutions that transform the leadership, organisation and workforce. Val holds a Ph.D. in Economic Psychology and Sociology, and a post-graduate qualification in Management and Administration from Harvard University. She is certified in Organisational Change and Group Dynamics, is an accredited Business and Leadership Coach, a certified in Gestalt & Organisational Development and a Prince 2 Practitioner.

The ODI’s ”trading arm” is the EODF. The EODF Board is composed of the Chair, Co-Chair and Treasurer of the ODI Board of Trustees as ex-officio members, filling the same roles for the EODF Board. The remaining EODF Board consists of members with close links to our diverse community to increase our community voice.

EODF Board Members:

Jeroen van Bree, the EODF Chair
Nick Richmond, the EODF Co-Chair
Julia Flower, the EODF Treasurer

EODF Board Elvira KalmarElvira Kalmar is an experienced internal and external organisation design consultant as well as an organisation and community development practitioner. She has more than 15 years experiences in developing non-profit organisations, start-ups, small and medium size businesses, multinational companies and professional communities. She is currently Head of Organisation Design and Development unit at Magyar Telekom – the major ICT and telecommunications provider in Hungary. She enjoys developing programmes for successful organisations to meet their specific needs by supporting them to reach their next envisioned step by aligning their structure, processes and human systems. Her work is value-driven, participative, appreciative, solution and resource focused.
EODF Board Alastair Mitchell BakerAlastair Mitchell-Baker is an experienced organisational leader and consultant, who is Tricordant’s Coordinating Director. His passion is supporting leaders working through complex strategic and organisational issues using his skills in strategy, organisation design and development. He draws on many years of senior management experience including as a NHS Trust Chief Executive and over 12 years as a NHS Non-Executive Director. He loves the unique challenge each client organisation brings from a small NGO fighting for the rights of indigenous forest peoples to NHS systems navigating complex transformation. He was a Founding Director of European Organisation Design Forum, a previous director of Organisation Design Forum, and until March 2018, Deputy Chair of South Central Ambulance Services NHS Foundation Trust.
EODF Board Judith OkonkwoJudith Okonkwo grew up in Austria, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Indonesia and Japan. She is a Technology Evangelist, Business Psychologist and Organisation Development Consultant with experience working in Africa, Asia and Europe.
In 2016 she set up Imisi 3D, a virtual reality creation lab, in Lagos, Nigeria.
EODF Board Anissa OukhiarAnissa Oukhiar – With a curious mind and an entrepreneurial character, Anissa’s passion is to let organizations and individuals flourish by helping them become more self-sufficient. In her daily work, she contributes to that as a consultant at the Organizational Design group of Berenschot, an independent, thoroughly Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation. She utilises an open and collaborative approach, inspired by the Art of Hosting.
With a background in Human Resources Management and Organisational Studies (MSc), specialised in Political Sociology (South Africa), she has conducted research on individual, team and organizational level – both in The Netherlands and abroad.

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