Organisation Design Meet Up Hungary | 2019Country Events

8th of May, Budapest
1067 Budapest | Hungary | Eötvös street 10

No company can be successful without being clear about its purpose. To be able to join a company and its purpose with your full heart, you have to be aware of your own purpose too. In any organisation and community, strategy follows purpose and then all the rest aligns.

We are planning a series of events going through the sequence of Organisation Design: In this meet-up, you get a glimpse into the relevance of personal and company purpose – and see how the professionals passionate about the topic are working with it. As we are also a community at the beginning of its road, the purpose seemed to be something to start with, especially when we have an expert in “Purpose” – Balazs Karafiath, a trainer who can take us beyond the cognitive level – and Cristobal Gracia Ferrer, movement …..and a leader – Elvira Kalmar.

We invite you to a 2-hour diving in for exploring the topic as well as to start walking on our road as a community.

The event is free to attend. Please register here by 25th of April.

Contact: Ana-Maria Cocean,, +36 70 285 2821

January 2019

We have held our first Hungarian country meeting of 2019 on the 22nd January in Budapest- 9 participants with very diverse professional and personal background attending it.

The main topic of the meet-up was to share how the EODF 18 conference has changed our lives (a LOT!) and we had a great discussion on the similarities/differences/overlaps/connections of Organisation Design and Development.

As a result of this, we have agreed to start a knowledge sharing process by experimenting on ourselves: we will start with identifying the Purpose of the Hungarian Country Group – aligned with EODF. Balázs Karafiáth, whose professional expertise and passion lies around Purpose is going to facilitate the next event.

Should you like to join, please let us know at


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