Searching for the Next Recipient

Last year we announced the creation of the Paul-Tolchinsky – Award at the EODF2017 annual conference in Dortmund. The purpose of this award is to recognize an Organisation Design practitioner who has gone above and beyond to freely share their knowledge, expertise, and methods with others.

The board is now looking for our 2018 nominees. Everybody in our community can nominate a person for the award. The ODI board will decide on the award recipient in September.

If you want to nominate a person for the award you need to explain (1000 words max.) how the nominee fulfilled at least one of the following criteria including an example:
• Invites less seasoned professionals to actively partner in “stretch” projects, work assignments and internships
• Contributes time and energy to make expertise more widely available
• Supports others’ ability to share their experience and knowledge with wider audiences
• Creates and makes accessible resources for those wanting to learn and explore
• Passionately demonstrates the belief that everyone in the community can make a significant contribution; has worked to ensure all voices are valued and heard

The nominee must be based in Europe. All recipients will be invited to the EODF2018 conference in Budapest, the winner will have their conference ticket reimbursed and have their travel and accommodation reimbursed up to the value of €500.

Please send through your nomination to and by 30th of August 2018.

We look forward to hear from you.

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