At our conference in Budapest, we handed out our Organisation Design Institute Awards for the second time. The Paul Tolchinsky Award went to Naomi Stanford, in recognition of her constantly going above and beyond to freely share her knowledge, expertise, and methods with others. We were honored to have Paul make the presentation to Naomi, after which Naomi was honored with an enactment of some of her achievements by an improv theater group. 

• Invites less seasoned professionals to actively partner in “stretch” projects, work assignments and internships
• Contributes time and energy to make expertise more widely available
• Supports others’ ability to share their experience and knowledge with wider audiences
• Creates and makes accessible resources for those wanting to learn and explore
• Passionately demonstrates the belief that everyone in the community can make a significant contribution; has worked to ensure all voices are valued and heard.


At this year’s European Organisation Design Forum annual conference, we handed out the first Best Written Contribution Award. With this award, we would like to recognize the individual or individuals (based in Europe) who have made an outstanding written contribution to the organisation design field of knowledge over the past year. Our Curatorial Board selected three nominees, and the community voted be the winner. All three nominees participated in our annual conference in Budapest giving a brief recap of their article.

The nominees were:

1. Fabrice Roghé, Stefan Scholz & Andrew Toma: Boosting Performance Through Organization Design
2. Karin Ahlbäck, Clemens Fahrbach & Olli Salo: How to create an agile organization
3. Lisa Gill: 10 components that successfully abolished hierarchy (in 70+ companies)

Stefan went home with this year’s award on behalf of himself and his colleagues Fabrice Roghé, Andrew Toma, Alexander Schudey, and JinK Koike.

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