On the Origins and Purpose of EODF MasterclassesBlog

by Paul Tolchinsky

Across Europe any number of people and communities are talking about how organisations are set up. From Teal, to Management 3.0, to Beta Codex, Sociocracy and Holocracy communities of people are talking about the design of current organisations. Few, however, are talking about HOW to design. What is the process; how do you engage staff in these deliberations; what are the choices (it is not one solution set, but numerous options), and HOW do you decide?

What drove the Board to create the Masterclasses were a number of assumptions:
1. There is confusion about what exactly Organisation Design is (as distinguished from Organisation Development)
2. While Organisation Design was practiced and taught vigorously in the 1980’s and 1990’s, it has become a “lost art.”
3. There is no common, Pan-European understanding or vernacular for/of organisation design.
4. More people want to help shape their organisations to appeal to the next generation of employees, but have no idea how to do it.

So the EODF wanted to focus on (1) building a common foundation across communities and practitioners; (2) bring more people to the discussions of the questions above; and (3) build skills and capabilities to help interested people, engage their clients and organisations in true change. We called these experiences “Masterclasses”.

The term reflects our desire to engage leaders, managers, consultants and other practitioners in adding to their skills and tools, building MASTERY.  It also reflects our commitment to share what we know (as seasoned practitioners); the MASTERS, giving away their best kept processes, tools and wisdom.

Currently there are 3 “Masterclasses” offered throughout Europe, sponsored by the country leaders in each country or local corporations wanting to build internal capability; taught in English (or local languages, if desired).  They are offered as one or two-day programs (modules 1 and 2 back to back), or mashed up (shorter versions to provide more overview than mastery).  They are priced inexpensively as our goal is not monetary, but rather exposing individuals to organization design and building future capacity and capability. I have often been told these masterclasses are “the best deal in the field!” You get experts willingly sharing and passing on their skills and experiences, and the cost per day is way below market prices! Money should never be a barrier to learning!

Find the schedule online and sign up for one, or all three, you will not regret it!

February, 2018

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