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ODN Conference

Not a Call for Papers
This year we are breaking with our traditional format of calling for papers and selecting some to be presented. Instead, we are seeking to accommodate all-comers by inviting them to present and generate conversations at the conference. So some parts of the conference will be in Open Space format, which means anyone can propose and host a session about a topic they are interested in. Either let us know by email, or join this LinkedIn group to announce your ideas and start the conversations about the topic(s) you are interested in. All sessions will have a 75-minute time slot available, and in some cases, sessions may extend over two subsequent time slots. We have space for 80 sessions of various sizes. So you can present your latest thinking to a group of interested people or have a more intimate conversation to get support or start some thinking.

“New to Field” Day
In 2016 we are making a very special offer to those new to, or on the fringes of, the OD field. For the discounted fee of £250 plus VAT, participants will attend an extra day (April 26th) where they will explore the history of the field, some underpinning concepts and be introduced into our conference early so they can feel welcome and included at the get go. For students in a full-time, accredited, OD programme, this fee will be further discounted to £150 plus VAT. These very special prices are for the 26th, 27th and 28th April, ie the full 3 days. Places in this category are limited.

Sponsorship Opportunities
ODN Europe is constituted on a not-for-profit basis and our annual conference provides a large part of our annual income – the continuing operation of our network depends on this income. The conference design committee has put together a package of conference sponsorship opportunities which will enable you to visibly show your support to the field of OD.

If you have any questions, please contact info@odneurope.org #ODNE2016


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