Mentoring Scheme

We are looking for individuals currently working within an OD related role who are seeking to develop their skills. The basic commitment between mentors and mentees will be approximately 1 hour a month meeting via virtual means.


To assist the learning, development and network of community members including promoting continuous professional development in the field of Organisation Design.


To introduce mentees looking for support of experienced Organisation Designers in specific or generic OD related issues. The scheme is aimed towards newer Organisation Designers or those wishing to refresh and or learn new skills/knowledge from others within the field.

*Please be aware this scheme is not meant as a replacement to the commissioning of appropriate commercially available consultancy. If this is a need or requirement, EODF will be happy to help locate appropriate support.


To give an opportunity for those wishing to spread their knowledge and or support to newer entrance to the OD world or those that wish to diversify their knowledge base. In doing so, it will increase individual and intra-organisational networks and connections and strengthen our mission respectively.

EODF Scope & Responsibilities

To operate as the introductory agency assisting mentees and mentors to find one another based on the information supplied within the application forms. Following the initial pilot scheme, EODF will not be able to take responsibility to ‘vet’ all mentors or mentees. It is, therefore, the responsibility of these two parties following an introduction to manage and maintain the relationship as long as it is deemed useful to both parties. We will commit, where practical to offer mentees three options of possible mentors, selection should be based on skills, knowledge and experience requirements, therefore, names and organisations will be anonymised.


This program is dedicated only to the members of EODF. You receive one complimentary introduction per membership year as part of your membership.

Quotes from Mentees

Mentee: Gareth Evans, mentored by Mark LaScola

What can I say other than awesome;…  thanks, Mark!

We`ve had three sessions and planning the next over the following few weeks. The sessions have been primarily focused on the different styles of consultancy and linking into the initial stages of operating model design and drifting into my world of Process
Consultancy. The sessions have been a rich blend of reinforcing stuff already known, albeit from a different perspective, new stuff, useful stuff, lots of wonderful stuff…
I love the word “stuff”

Seriously Mark was amazing at challenging my thinking and also introduced me to some new approaches, different consultancy styles and insight into a larger portfolio of large group interventions to support me further as a ‘Process Consultant’. Marks curious style of inquiry was really useful as it helped me to self-reflect, my practice and my thinking…
offering alternatives and learning from his extensive experiences…

All in all a BIG thumbs up.

I look forward to our next session with a heightened level of curiosity.
Thanks Mark again and thanks Hajni for the connection – perfect…

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