Glasgow 2nd December 2015 from 4pm to 8pm – hosted by University of StrathclydeCountry EventsEventsNewsUnited Kingdom

Please see the abstracts below and if you want to attend or to invite a colleague, contact Nick Richmond, UK country lead,, +44 (0) 7979 875 233.


Session 1: Led by Nick Richmond – The Future of Work and the Future of Organisation

During this years EODF conference, “Re-imagining Organisation, Re-imagining design,” the future of work was a hot topic with 4 separate sessions. There have been dozens of recent articles, books and conferences on the question of the workplace 2025-2030. Drawing on my ongoing futures research and the highly interactive sessions I ran in Milan, I will explore the question, “what is the future we, as designers imagine?” What are the assumptions we are making about what is coming over the horizon, do we all have to become holacratic organisations or is this just another tension that an organisation needs to manage? We will co-create a set of weighted strategic drivers which may be inputted into your own organisations processes. We will then explore the implications for us as practitioners and how we prepare ourselves and our clients for these scenario’s? If you want to read more about this fascinating topic the Dean of this years EODF conference published this article today


Session 2: Led by everyone – Open space technology

At many conferences, the best moments are the coffee-breaks! – Harrison Owen. The EODF has been using open space at its conferences over the past 2 years because of it’s highly democratic, empowering, “everyones a leader” ethos. If you haven’t used open space now’s your chance to try it out. Everyone will be able to propose and lead sessions so if you’re dying to tell someone about the great tool you’ve developed, or explore a question that’s been tickling your brain, now’s your chance – no need to tell me just come on the day with a question or idea to explore. The theme will be, “what’s energising me in Organisation Design.” One of the EODF UK team will explain the simple 5 guiding principles and 1 law before we kick off this 60min session. Impatient and want to know now then visit


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