Future Work and Future OrganisationBlog

The themes “future of work” and “the organisation of the future” are very much related together. If we want to transform the work (workplace innovation, mobile and flexible workstyles, networking) we also have to think about how to transform the organisation at the same time. Collaboration and networking will not happen in the old fashioned hierarchical structures. The classic approach of “hard facts”, that is, strategy, operational, day to day will no longer be adequately for this transformation process. Crucial for the success of the transformation process will be the “soft facts”, that is spirit/energy, emotions und culture. To guide human beings (organisational leaders and members and partners of the organisation/system) a holistic approach, that combines techniques and methodologies of different disciplines (e.g. organisation design, knowledge management, corporate culture, workplace innovation) will be necessary to support a successful transformation process.


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