#EODF16IceBreaker – Let`s spread the word about organisation design!ConferencesNews

Let’s spread the word about organisation design, have some fun and get to know each other!

#EODF16IceBreaker was initially created as a warm up for the upcoming EODF 2016 Annual Conference in Barcelona. However, due to its potential to engage Organisation Design Community across the globe, we are now opening this series of video channel to everyone who feels ready to add their bit.

Your first challenge is to sum up Organisation Design in a single object.

Take your shot! It’s simple:
1) Choose a quiet place and fix your camera (tip: use your phone in a horizontal position)
2) Briefly introduce yourself
3) Show the object and explain the association
4) Nominate 3 colleagues to do the same
5) Upload the video to Twitter, and if it’s too long, to Youtube. Use the #EODF16IceBreaker and @mention your nominees!

TIME: Make it short but sweet: you have between 29 and 90 seconds!

Find the most original answers with the hashtag #EODF16IceBreaker and join in with this fun, insightful video challenge!

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