EODF UK London Event 12th of July, 4 – 8 PM

In the build up towards our annual conference where we will be exploring the 21st Century Organisation, our 12th July London event will explore “Big Data in organisation design, development and workforce planning,” from 4pm-8pm. Check out the two amazing sessions we have planned below and let me know if you’d like to attend this free to attend events on nick@tricordant.com?

Session 1: Korn Ferry Hay Group – The power of data and benchmarking in Organisational Design and Development

Organisational design in the 21st century needs to be agile and responsive, driven by insights from the “3 dimensions” of data analytics, benchmarking and theory. During this session, Korn Ferry Hay Group will use recent case study material to show the power and challenges of this linking of organisational data, benchmarks and their proprietary IP / theoretical frameworks to drive change and efficiency in organisational design. They’ll draw on their use of the OrgVue organisational analytics platform, who they partner with. The session will include the opportunity to explore these topics in discussion and Q&A.

Session 2: Concentra – Accelerating Business Transformation: Managing the workforce for future change

Creating an organisation for the future means designing an agile workforce that can execute your long-term strategy and hit your short-term business goals in a rapidly changing environment. During this session, we will demonstrate how a global retailer approached their organisation design in a data-driven way to reduce costs, right-size and utilise its workforce more effectively. Having lost major parts of its business portfolio, the retailer had a clear case for change, but the big question was – how could it implement the change in practice?
Using the case study, this session will facilitate discussions including how to select your design criteria, carry out process-led design, and leverage people data to manage and accelerate your organisational transition. In addition to introducing the data-driven framework, the session will include a group exercise on how to define all the elements of your ‘to-be’ design across the organisational system so that your macro vision is implementable.

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