EODF UK London 23rd February, 4pm-8pm, hosted by the DWPEventsUnited Kingdom

Activating Global Operating Models: The bridge from organisation design to Performance, led by Win Dhat from KatesKesler

Companies that compete globally must have sophisticated strategies and plans for sustaining competitive advantage in the face of new challenges, ongoing technological change, and uncertain economic and regulatory environments. Large multinational companies must balance the need for both global and local perspectives in decision-making. As a result, executives of these companies need to design organizations that are as sophisticated as their strategies. Yet, the complexity of designing and managing global operating models is often a source of frustration to mid- and senior-level leaders. This presentation discusses five factors that yield success in activating a global operating model. Activators provide leadership teams at all levels with a way of bridging the gap between complex organizational designs and business performance.

The benefits of tight/loose design to build ownership for performance, led by Dr Linda Holbeche

Yes, organisations need to be agile, able to flexibly anticipate and respond to opportunities and threats in today’s volatile business environment. However top-down strategy-led approaches to organisation design may fail to deliver the performance required for competitive advantage – too often they result in loss of key talent, goodwill and innovation, with strategic alignment undermined in practice as potential key contributions to future success are ignored. This session will emphasize the importance of communications, of executives being clear about where to go tight/loose in the design process, and the vital necessity of incorporating a ‘bottom-up’ approach to developing a design that can deliver the performance (and motivation) required for strategic success.

Event free to attend.

Contact: Nick Richmond, nick@tricordant.com

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