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We are dedicating the whole 15th June session to supporting the Scottish Prison Service. Do check out the session abstracts below and let Peter know if you’d like to attend these free to attend events on peter@awodc.com?

Moving toward 21st century justice

The session, led by Michael Stoney, Director of Operational Delivery, Scottish Prison Service, will examine a live example where SPS is currently undergoing a review of operational structure. The aim of this review is to:
• design the future role of the prison officer and the move toward the 21st century justice professional;
• ensure the move toward professionalism and the future operating model is appropriately recognised and rewarded taking into account affordability requirements;
• design operational management roles to support the professional model and the expanded connectivity to the wider Scottish Government purpose, expectations and outcomes; and
• embed the identified professional practice approach within the future operational structure ensuring that the academic model fully reflects and supports the operational delivery.

The aim of the session is to consult with a wider range of people to address the live challenges and ‘wicked’ problems critical to the success of the organisation. The session will explore:
• Inhibitors to transitioning to the model
• Issues others may have solved in the past
• Weaknesses in the presented model.


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