EODF UK Edinburgh 1st March, 4pm-8pm, hosted by the RBSEventsUnited Kingdom

Action Inquiry for Resilience in Health & Social Care Integration, led by Taylor Clarke

The Scottish Government commissioned from Taylor Clarke an action inquiry/action learning approach to leadership support for the 31 Chief Officers of the Health & Social Care Partnerships during the first year of the Government’s H&SC Integration project.
Action Inquiry enabled a process of repeated collaborative investigation, experimentation, consideration and evaluation at three levels:
• First-person inquiry by each Chief Officer into their experience of themselves within their role
• Second-person inquiry by the cohort of Chief Officers into their growing community of practice and their ability to influence stakeholders
• Third-person inquiry into the Government’s Health & Social Integration project, and how it is being experienced simultaneously in 31 different ways.
Action Learning enabled the links between individual and collective learning through the stories of what is emerging across the integrated systems, and the options for action that they offer. This led to the COs’ co-design of a model of resilience as champions of change within the carrying capacity of their Joint Integration Boards and the wider H&SC system.
The Taylor Clarke team will present the Chief Officers’ model of resilience, and will facilitate reflection and discussion on how organisation designers and developers might use such an action inquiry approach in their own organisations.

The second session will be confirmed soon.
This event is free to attend for all. Please contact Nick Richmond, nick@tricordant.com, to confirm your participation.

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