EODF UK Country Meeting, London, 11th July, 4pm-8pmEventsUnited Kingdom

Event generously hosted by Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy at their conference facility.

Go Beyond, led by Neville Pritchard from People in Flow

We will be joined by Neville Pritchard, CEO of People in Flow who will lead a session based on his recent book, ‘Go Beyond’ – Your Workplace = Your World’. He will help us to re-think the constant need for a fad. Neville will share some of the elements of people support where to ‘go beyond’ could create significant value and invite those present to explore new ways of achieving greater impact.

How principles from Martial Arts help de-risk Organisation Design & Development, led by Mike Barnato

Mike Barnato will lead an intriguing session exploring’ how principles from Martial Arts help de-risk Organisation Design & Development’. As a practising mixed martial arts expert, Mike believes principles from martial arts can help us de-risk our ODD processes and help organisations thrive and not just survive.

Click here to learn more about these sessions. To register, sign up at Rethinking Design! ASAP.

The event is free to attend.

Nick Richmond, EODF UK Country Lead – nick@tricordant.com

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