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What about Organisation Design?

“The design of the organisation is increasingly important, as leaders need to consider the best ways to deliver the organisations strategic intent, while exploring new models and ideas that will reshape the organisation for tomorrow. Getting your organisation design right can lead to the unleashing of enormous amounts of energy within.”


EODF Masterclasses are coming to London | Spring 2019


Module 1: Seeing and Thinking Design

“The one day long workshop was very valuable because it gave an in-depth insight into practitioners’ challenges to introducing change to their organisations.”

Content Overview


masterclass-collageIn this introductory masterclass, we explore the relationship between the individual designer and organisation design.
We will talk about different frameworks and models, as a way to explore what designing organisations means to each of us, in a very personal and hopefully fun way.

Our hope is to:
o Place organisation design in the broader movement of design thinking
o Discuss and discover different models, foundational approaches as well as contemporary trends/hypes
o Explore what designing organisations means to each of us and our experiences
o Apply organisation design to practical case studies
o Explore the enablers and inhibitors to successful organisation design.

Those who will benefit include: HR Professionals, Change Managers, Organisation Managers, Organisation Development Practitioners, new and experienced Organisation Design Practitioners, etc..

Faculty consists of EODF/ODI Board Members



Upon request

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Module 2: Doing Design

“my perspective has been expanded”, “affirmed and energised”, “wider understanding of the key contributors, theories, models”, “my beliefs are not the same as earlier. I got the whole picture, it was interesting for me to see it from a strategic point of view”

In this second module of our series of masterclasses, we will focus on the ‘how’ of organisation design: different end-to-end design approaches, each with their pros and cons. It will be a hands-on, one-day masterclass in which participants can work on reviewing and improving the approach for their own project with the help of our experienced faculty.

Content Overview

Subjects that will be covered in this masterclass include:
– Critical elements of a good design approach
– Top-down versus bottom-up approaches
– Expert-based approaches versus collaborative design processes.

The EODF Masterclass ‘Doing Design’ is suitable for professionals who have completed EODF Masterclass module 1 ‘Seeing and Thinking Design’ or have an equivalent level of experience.

Faculty consists of EODF/ODI Board Members



Upon request

Module 3: Making Design Real

In this module we will focus on doing the actual design work. Our experienced faculty will guide you through an approach that covers everything from design criteria and concept design to designing the coordination and control mechanisms. Based on a real-life case study, you will work in small groups to go through all the steps needed to produce an organization design.


– Understand and apply the steps of an organization design approach
– Learn the principles of bounding and organising work
– Learn how to create meaningful roles and jobs
– Identify critical interdependencies and learn how to design the necessary integration and coordination mechanisms.



– Welcome and introductions
– Case study round 1: design criteria and concept design
– Case study round 2: designing roles and jobs
– Case study round 3: designing governance, coordination and integration
– Development plans and evaluation

Each round of case work will have the following steps:
1. Explanation of principles and frameworks relevant for this round
2. Case study work in small group
3. Debrief of key design decisions and learnings.

Faculty consists of EODF/ODI Board Members


Upon request

Module 4: Living the New

Following on from modules 1 to 3, the Aim is for participants to understand the basic logic and components of Organisation Design implementation and be able to apply them to example case studies.

This module is for:
Leaders and Practitioners who have the responsibility for the implementation of an Organisation Design project now or in the future.


1) Know the Differentiation / Integration design issues during implementation
2) Have basic competence in implementation
3) Understand the critical success factors
4) Have practiced using a case study.

Faculty consists of EODF/ODI Board Members

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