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  • EODF Hungary Country Group Meeting, Budapest, 27 Feb 2018Events, Hungary, Romania

    Event generously hosted by Magyar Telekom Holacracy Magyarországon? EODF magyarországi közösségi találkozó Bankó Ádám igazi kíséreletző szervezetfejlesztő, aki nem csak beszél róla, hanem csinálja is. 3 évet dolgozott Holacracy-ban a Lab.Coop-nál, ez most egy 50 fős 3 céget tömörítő cégcsoport, ide tartozik a Greenfox Academy is. Előtte a Prezinél volt szoftverfejlesztő majd Agilis coach, az […]

  • So your thinking about becoming an organisation designer!Blog

    Some thoughts for you…… by Paul Tolchinsky     See and think systems….in organisation design all the pieces have to fit together and complement each other. Design is iterative and not always linear and is often “messy.” Have an opinion, but keep it to yourself.  As a designer you have judgments and biases….it is natural. […]

  • Organisation design for agilityBlog

    An article by Lars de Laat, interactive session speaker at EODF 17. The annual conference of the EODF – the European Organisation Design Forum – took place in Dortmund on October 20 and 21. One of the main themes of this conference was agility – what does this mean from the perspective of organisation design, […]


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