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  • Some Of The Biggest Challenges We Face As Org DesignersBlog

    By Paul Tolchinsky Recently I was asked to reflect on the biggest challenges I have faced as an organization designer. There are many approaches to change, as we all know. Some simple, others more complex. I think designing or redesigning organizations is likely to be the most complex of them all, and often incorporating aspects […]

  • EODF Country Group Meeting Germany, 14th of June 2018, 7pm-9pmD-A-CH, Events, News

    Digitalization: IT or HR or…? Die Digitalisierung betrifft alle Bereiche. Welchen Nutzen hat die Digitalisierung für die Organisation und welche Rolle nehmen die Menschen dabei ein? Der Mensch steht und bleibt im Mittelpunkt neuer Mensch-Maschine Konstruktionen. Organisationsberatung kann hier einen Beitrag leisten, Unternehmen so zu gestalten, dass das Potential der Mitarbeiter bei der Einführung der […]

  • Starting a New Chapter in Organisation DesignBlog

    by Jeroen van Bree, EODF and ODI Chair Phanish Puranam (et al.) described organising as the process of solving “two fundamental and interlinked problems: the division of labor and the integration of effort”. This fits with the day-to-day challenges that are faced by organisation designers: those internal and external organisational agents attempting to fit the […]


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