Aron Fischer – Colony – Smart contract based infrastructure for the firmBlog

One of our keynote speakers at the annual conference, Designing for Business Ecosystems, in Budapest, was Aron Fischer from Colony.

A reflection by Jeroen van Bree

Colony offers a framework for so-called ‘smart contracts’ that enable collaboration between groups of people, based on the (second-generation) blockchain technology. The smart contract can take care of allocating tasks, evaluating the performance and providing the reward. The rules for these transactions are baked into the technology, so do not need to be evaluated or enforced by humans. Aron suggested that this may be the infrastructure needed for large collaborative ecosystems such as those working on the hyperloop technology.
A question that came to mind while listening to Aron is who determines the tasks necessary to attain a certain organizational goal. In other words, who does the task division. Furthermore, who designs the most effective grouping of these tasks. And because smart contracts seem to assume a governance model based on rules: what happens in a situation for which there is no rule or to which the rules don’t apply? These unanswered organization design questions are the call the action for our community that was hidden in Aron’s fascinating technology update.

You can watch Aron`s speech here:


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