EODF Country Leads

United Kingdom: Nick Richmond, nick@tricordant.com
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NickRichmondNick Richmond, the EODF Co-Chair, is a principal consultant of Tricordant, an organisational consultancy based in the UK (see www.tricordant.com). He worked in the manufacturing and process industries before joining Tricordant. Nick specialises in whole systems strategy, organisational design, and organisation transformation. His passion is to design today’s organisation for future success and thereby make a difference in the lives of all stakeholders. Major organisation design and strategic projects including projects in the NHS and public sector, Babcok, VT Flagship, G4S – Education and Skills, Boehringer Ingelheim, Scottish Power, Oxfam, ACCA, and a range of other projects in various sector. Nick is a qualified chemical engineer, was awarded an MBA with distinction and is a Managing Successful Programmes accredited practitioner. He is the EODF lead for the UK and was co-dean for the EODF 2014 conference.

Hungary: Elvira Kalmar, elvira@maidanconsulting.com

kalmar_elviraElvira Kalmar, is an experienced internal and external organisation consultant as well as an organisation and community development practitioner. She has more than 15 years experiences in developing non-profit organisations, small and medium size businesses, multinational companies and professional communities. She is the owner of Maidan Consulting and KAPTÁR. She enjoys developing unique programmes for successful organisations to meet their specific needs by supporting them to reach their next envisioned step by aligning their structure, processes and human systems. Her work is value-driven, participative, appreciative, solution and resource focused.

Romania: Roxana Mocanu, roxana.mocanu@itol.ro

NickRichmondRoxana Mocanu, is the Ambassador of the Romanian HR & HR Development practitioners to valuable international professional networks.

Austria, Switzerland: Manfred della Schiava, mds@wissensberater.com
EODF D-A-CH Events

Manfred della Schiava is the owner and managing partner of the Wissens-Berater network (1995), focusing on knowledge management, the future of work (workplace innovation) and the organisation of the future. He has knowledge and experience in guiding Social Business Transformation processes in many different organisations. His personal mission is to support human beings in business environments to achieve well being, which is the key to achieve a healthy, inspiring and productive work-life. His fundamental consulting principle is from thinking to feeling. For individuals as well as for organisations.
Manfred was born in Dornbirn, Austria, graduated in 1984 from the University of Economics in Vienna, Business Administration, has traveled extensively throughout Europe and USA. He is an accomplished public speaker, enjoys yoga, Ayurveda cooking, skiing in the mountains and the music of Mozart and Jazz.

Germany: Thomas Doering, mail@thomas-doering.eu

EODF Board Thomas DoeringThomas lived through his career in The United States, the United Kingdom, Romania and now back in Germany. Prior becoming an Organizational Design Counsellor, Thomas worked for 25 years for Procter & Gamble in various leadership roles and disciplines, including Manufacturing, Engineering, Purchasing, and Planning/Project Management. The focus of his work has been people & organizational development and project management. Throughout his career, Thomas successfully helped organizations to deliver better results. His work experience includes leading international diverse teams, including remote teams. He is also a certified Coach (DGSv) and a certified OSM Consultant.

BENELUX: Jeroen van Bree, j.vanbree@berenschot.nl

Jeroen van Bree, the EODF Chair,  is a managing consultant at the Organizational Design group of Berenschot, an independent, thoroughly Dutch management consulting firm with an international orientation. Jeroen combines almost twenty years of consulting experience with the latest (academic) insights in the field to support managers in their task of organizational design, in the public as well as the private sector. A subject that has had his particular professional interest is enriching organizational design with elements from design thinking and game design. In 2013, he obtained a PhD at Nyenrode Business Universiteit based on his work investigating these issues. His book Game Based Organization Design was published by Palgrave Macmillan.

Italy: Stelio Verzera, stelio@cocoon-pro.com


Stelio Verzera is passionately curious, fond of value creation, lean thinking and the ocean, He is an entrepreneur, coach, consultant and advisor in different scopes of Innovation. Since 1995 he’s been supporting organisations in their understanding and navigation of key evolutionary phases. He’s been working side-by-side with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, in private and institutional organisations. His agile approach of continuous improvement has led him to learn and apply some of the most effective practices for surfing complexity, both on the strategic and on the operational levels. In 2011 he co-founded Cocoon Projects and designed its governance model, today known as LiquidO (www.liquidorganisation.info), in fact launching the first all-in, completely emergent, adaptive organisational framework in Europe.

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