#connectivity | #platforms | #digitalization
Solution-focused work through real case studies

1. #Connectivity – Learn and share about changing connectivity and agile organisations in the era of digitalization.

Andras Vicsek will be facilitating this session.

Learn how to use connectivity to design adaptive and agile organisations in times of fast-moving global markets, digitalization, rapid innovations, demanding customers, and new ways of working. As a company, you need more connectivity than ever! Connectivity allows you to move from functional siloed groups to more dynamic structures. Connectivity decentralizes authority, drives product innovation, is customer-centric, and enables networks of highly empowered teams.

Andras Vicsek, Co-Founder of Maven7, is a researcher, a management consultant and a trainer specialized in organizational and social network analysis with a solid background in change management, team and organizational development. He has a degree in work and organizational psychology from ELTE University, Budapest.
Andras is also the developer of OrgMapper, a web-based Organizational Network Analysis tool for consultants. He frequently holds OrgMapper Organizational Network Analysis certification training groups for change management and OD practitioners from various regions of the world. Before founding Maven7 with his partners, he gained vast experience as the head of several research projects regarding work stress, motivation, loyalty and employer branding. Andras is the key technical expert of Maven7’s products, services and related certification training programs Maven7 is providing to its Organizational Development partners.

2. #Platforms – An open, interactive conversation to discuss what are the principles of platform design thinking and what are the potential challenges that organizational design helps to overcome.

Eugenio Battaglia and Cristobal Gracia will be facilitating this session. They are the faculty for the pre-conference workshop Exploring The Design Of Contextual Platform Strategies.

This is a 90 minutes open interactive conversation designed to foster the discussion about what are the principles of platform design thinking and what are the potential challenges that organizational design helps to overcome.
We will explore the following questions:
– what are the principles of platform design?
– how can we foster the adoption of platform principles in organizations?
– what are the potential challenges when adopting these principles?

3. #digitalization – A workshop to support you in integrating OD into your digitalisation projects.

Alison Walker will be facilitating this session.

Alison will debunk some of the myths around digital projects and provide some private and public sector examples to help you decide on your best approach. This workshop will help you leverage ecosystems to deliver digitalisation for your organisation and your customers. It will also provide some practical models to help you work through the challenges. An opportunity to share your ideas, challenges, and options with others and hear advice on how to deal with design and conflict within programmes.

We`ll work on two case studies:
Presentation on OD ecosystems generated by Virgin Atlantic Airways’ move to an international digital platform and the NHS’ strategy for integrating local health and social care, including developing digital care records.
– Customer /Patient journey experience: how these must shape technology choices, OD activities and leverage ecosystems
– Collaborative working across local and international ecosystems ( internal and external )
– Co-design and conflict resolution across ecosystems

Alison Walker founded the Walker Fairway Ltd OD consultancy 2 years ago focused on strategies for customer experience and person-centred care. As Interim VP at Virgin Atlantic Airways/Virgin Holidays she was responsible for the People workstream in the transition to a new global digital platform. In UK government she worked on the UK’s first Digital Strategy, including switching from analogue to digital TV broadcasting. She has led NHS Programmes to develop person centred care, digital care records and mobile working. In this workshop she will share the learning from this evolving discipline, showing how to build OD solutions with customers and patients at the centre, leveraging ecosystems to drive innovation and increased customer service.