Panel Discussion: Ecosystems And The Challenges Of Cooperation!

Interactive Panel Discussion between HR & business leaders and internal & external consultants

Have you ever wondered how our ecosystems influence why some OD projects are easy and others feel like „mission impossible”? For successful change good cooperation among HR, business, internal and external OD consultants is a must but these partnerships are not always successful. Each party has specific knowledge but only when true collaboration exists can this potency really be realised. In this panel, you will hear the perspectives and challenges of the different players in the OD ecosystem and what it takes to get this right.

Conversation led by Hajni Sagodi, Organisation Development Consultant, Shell
Panel members to be announced

Hajni Sagodi is a passionate OD professional with 20 years of experience in creating and implementing end-to-end organisational solutions. Her primary areas of expertise include diagnosing organizations, organizational design, planning and managing (culture) transformations, leadership (team) development and coaching, team effectiveness and project management. Currently, she is an internal OD Consultant at Shell where she is working through with leaders how Shell can thrive in the energy transition. Before joining Shell, she was an external consultant at Accenture, which gave her the opportunity to work with several large companies. She holds a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration and a number of certificates (MBTI, ASTD, CPCC, ORSCC, TDS, Kantor, Value Drives).