KEYNOTE SPEAKER: KAREL FOLTYN, Amazon | Global Connectivity – How digitalization & global connectivity changed the way diverse teams work together

In his speech, Karel describes a couple of unconventional examples how diverse teams, humans and robots, people from different generation, from many different countries, with differing cultural and technological background can find the way to work together and create innovative and receptive culture.

About Karel Foltyn:
Results oriented senior leader with a solid track record of delivering results in the area of talent management, complex change delivery, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and morale through focusing on capacity, capability and culture together with building strong trust and authenticity.
Currently Karel is in the role of Head of HR in Midland EU region for Amazon, taking part of building a group of fast growing markets in EU.

Karel has actively participated in many cross-boarder organisation design projects while at Unilever and Tesco. As an HR director at Amazon, he is currently overseeing implementation of new business models and technical innovations.

Amazon – no doubt about that – is a key player in innovation and digital disruption creating unique customer experience by using AI, robots, delivery drones, virtual voice assistant, and leveraging very advanced technology in all area of business operation.

Digitalization is the main enabler of delivering the best customer experience and also create disruptive HR industry standards. Karel is a Leader of collaboration, balancer of people and process, and a creator of profound simplicity from complex topics, so his professional passion is nicely aligned with Amazon’s culture.