KEYNOTE SPEAKER: NORA BATESON, IBI | Exploring Ecosystems: Warm Data, Symmathesy and expanding the edges of the self

While there is a great deal of focus on complexity today, our predominant metaphors are still linear and mechanistic.

It is hardwired into us all at a deeply personal level and tends to rule the day, even when we think we are approaching things systemically, we are clearly hitting the limitations of that mode of thinking. All of biological evolution, and development of culture and society would seem to be a testament to the characteristics of contextual multi-layered shifts through time. Symmathesy is a new term created by Nora, and through her Keynote she will help develop our capacity for taking a systemic approach of mutual learning to everyday life, from family, to groups, organisations and society. She will take us on a journey exploring the art and science of complexity, to develop our capacity for working with and being with complexity and ambiguity.

About Nora Bateson:
Nora Bateson is the Director of a multi-disciplined world class team of scientists, scholars and artists that form the International Bateson Institute (IBI) team of researchers. The IBI, registered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a non-profit Foundation for trans-contextual research, in ecology, economy, social change, health, education and art. The IBI provides a new kind of research to encourage and incubate projects that seek to study interaction within complex systems and across sectors. The aim of this research is to increase our ability to take into account the many relationships that coexist in any context of living things.