Executive Vice President at Continental AG

Rudolf Stark

Wisdoms from the Front Line – The Transformation of Continental’s Hybrid Electric Vehicles Business … As an executive leader in Continental AG, Rudi has come to appreciate the criticality of aligning strategy, structure and culture. In fact, he’s led and primary impetus for two major redesigns over the last two years – one for Continental’s transmissions business and the other which is ongoing. For his keynote address, Rudi will share and discuss his current business transformation of the Hybrid Electric Vehicles business for Continental. He’s share with us lessons-learned, key differentiators, the leader’s role, etc.

Business Unit Hybrid Electric Vehicle provides the main components for drivetrain electrification in hybrid and electric vehicles. Development and production take place at locations in Europe, Asia and USA, so that the specific requirements of the regional markets can be answered in the best possible manner. Electrical machines, power electronics and power net systems are available in various performance classes, ranging from 12V over 48V and up to 450V. Hybrid Electric Vehicle supplies main components for powertrain electrification in hybrid and electric vehicles. This business unit’s top priority is tailor-made electrification – a cost-efficient strategy for powertrain electrification that is suitable for all vehicle types.