Managing Director Kreutzfeldt digital

Nina Kreutzfeldt

INTERACTIVE SESSION: The Digital Transformation of the Book Industry – Status, Challenges and Learnings … Digitalization is transforming industries at multiple levels.

In this interactive session, we will take the book industry as an example. While eBooks and online book shops may be the most visible results of this process, digitalization in the book industry goes much deeper. We will strive to get the full picture by looking at new and evolving business and operating models as well as the effect digitalization had, has and will have on roles and organizations.

This analysis leads to three questions:

  • Looking in the rearview mirror, what have been the main challenges and what are the key learnings from twenty years of digitalization?
  • What are the key questions for the future of publishing?
  • Conclusions: What is unique to the publishing industry and what may be true for or similar in other industries as well?

BACKGROUND: Nina Kreutzfeldt is a publisher as well as a business consultant and coach. Her professional career of more than 15 years combines business as well as consulting experiences. She played an active part in the eBook industry since the early beginnings, taking different roles from Managing Director at a family business over Director at an international eBook retailer (Kobo) to consultant for multiple companies in the digital book industry. Today, Nina Kreutzfeldt combines two roles: She is owner of a small publishing house (Kreutzfeldt digital Verlag) and works as a business coach and consultant with clients from a wide range of industries. She supports her clients in change and growth processes, focusing especially on tackling challenges on the way to meaningful innovation and digitalization as well as successful virtual teams.