Industrial Psychologist, Simplexity Consulting

Johann van Jaarsveld

INTERACTIVE SESSION: Organisation Design – An African perspective … Organisation design across different African countries, different languages and different cultures.

  • Translating business strategy into business objectives.
  • Fit-for-purpose business processes that deliver precisely the business objectives without excess or deficiency.
  • A fit-for-purpose organisation structure derived from the business objectives (strategy) and aligned to the business processes.
  • Organisational resources perfectly in support of business processes.
  • A supportive culture with engaged people.
  • An agile organisation that can easily adapt to strategic changes

BACKGROUND: Johann van Jaarsveld is a senior manager and a registered Industrial Psychologist. He works from the positive and Salutogenesis paradigms, focusing on factors that support human health and well-being. Johann is currently doing research for his D. Comm degree in Industrial Psychology on the effect of a positive psychology coaching programme. He has worked extensively (13 years) in the Energy industry in the areas of safety transformation, organisation design, change management, talent management, psychometric profiling, facilitation, wellness and coaching.