Ulbo de Sitter Knowledge Institute

Lars de Laat, Jesper Hanssen, Benny Corvers

INTERACTIVE SESSION: What makes Agile agile?

On the hotlist of organisation design Agility seems to consistently hit the top spot these days. During this interactive session we demystify the working principles underlying agile organisations. We are inviting participants to come and work in a simulated Chinese Factory during 90 minutes. We promise that you’ll leave the session with a long-lasting experience and deep understanding of agility and some key underlying design principles

We will complement the practical experience from this simulation with a theoretical dissection of agility based on the design methods and principles of sociotechnical systems thinking. In this way you will experience the working principles of systems design and get a better insight in the theoretical foundation of Agility.

This session is facilitated by 3 members of the Dutch Ulbo de Sitter Knowledge Institute, who are experienced organisation designers and developers keen to open up the dialogue.


Jesper Hanssen is an Organisational Design and Development consultant based in the Netherlands. He developed a strong interest and enthusiasm for this field during his study Organisational Design and Development at Radboud University in Nijmegen where a group of inspiring professors introduced him to Sociotechnical Systems Thinking and Intervention Methodology which have been his key focus areas since. As a board member of the Ulbo the Sitter Knowledge Institute in the Netherlands, Jesper is keen on sharing and improving the Sitter’s work on Sociotechnical Systems Thinking. In 2010, he joined Alliander, a grid operator in the Netherlands, as an internal consultant. Besides that, Jesper is affiliated with Mpuls and Prepared Mind.

Lars de Laat is an Organisational Change professional of Garansys, a company based in the Netherlands. Inspired by a cooperation with Eliyahu Goldratt (Theory of Constraints) early in his career, Lars is always looking for ways to create conditions of flow in social systems. He is especially interested in surfacing and breaking organisational patterns that prohibit effective co-operation and flow. For the last ten years Lars has been working with large organisations adopting agile based ways of working to increase responsiveness, productivity and reliability in delivering products and services.

Benny Corvers is the owner and co-founder of Prepared Mind, a consultancy group focused on Total Workplace Innovation. He has a background in strategy, marketing, human resources and advisory services. His focus is on organization design and development with a preference for large-scale work and the design of participative change programs. Benny studied theoretical and computational linguistics in Leuven and holds an MBA in international management from Vlerick Business School. He is also a certified senior advisor in STS-based organization design and an active board member of the Ulbo De Sitter knowledge institute.