Head of OD&D at Magyar Telekom

Elvira Kalmár

INTERACTIVE SESSION: How Digitalisation is changing our work-life? – Design principles for digital age companies … I would like to share some insights at reflections about what I see and experience at Magyar Telekom and Deutsche Telekom regarding how our life, our way of communication, our ways of learning has been challenged and changed due to the digital tools that are available, and share also our challenges regarding using them. I would like to invite to this session those who have experience or interest in working together on what might be the design principles we should encounter when designing organisations of the digital age.

BACKGROUND: Elvira Kalmar- former Chair of EODF, a passionate OD&D person, currently working for Magyar Telekom building up their in-house OD&D capacity by leading a strong and passionate team. She has more than 15 years of OD experience working with NGOs, start-ups, small and medium size businesses, professional communities and networks- as an external consultant and as well as an in house leader.