Christopher Worley

KEYNOTE: The Roots of Agility: How Businesses are Using Organization Design to Embed Agility … “Agility”—the buzzword is everywhere, and it is widely misunderstood. For more than 10 years, Chris has been working with organizations to understand what agility is (and what it isn’t) and how they become more agile.

At the EODF conference in Dortmund, we will discuss how the agile capability is rooted in organization design, describe cases of organizations that are or are becoming agile, and talk about the organization design implications of the transformation to agility.

BACKGROUND: Chris Worley is Professor of Strategy and Strategy Director at the Center for Leadership and Effective Organisations at the NEOMA Business School. A recognized leader in the field of organization development, agility, and organization design, Chris has authored six books, including The Agility Factor and Built to Change, as well as six editions of Organization Development and Change, the leading textbook in the field. His articles have appeared in the Sloan Management Review, Organizational Dynamics, and The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science. His consulting clients include organizations in high technology (Microsoft, Intel, GfK, Lockheed Martin); health care (Cambia Health Solutions, Roche, Bayer, Alegent Health Systems); financial services (Allstate, The Hartford, Capital One); and consumer goods/retail (Unilever, Gap, and PepsiCo). Chris’s applied research and consulting practice is complemented by more than fifteen years of management experience. He lives with his wife, Debbie, in the champagne region of France and wonders about what his kids are up to.