Board Member US ODF & ZTC Consulting

Bill Zybach &
Rich Thayer

INTERACTIVE SESSION: Accelerate: Doing Business at the SPEED of Success

Are your design methods accelerating or unintentionally putting on the brakes on effective outcomes? This interactive session uses three diverse business cases to illustrate dramatically different design methods which were used to create new customer centric, collaborative, digital, and agile oriented business models which were aligned to fit each of their different business landscapes, strategies and cultures. Participants will conduct mini-design sessions about how they would proceed, and then the presenters will share what actually occurred. The three case studies include a government technology organization, a regional oil company and a regional smart-home heating business.

BACKGROUND: Bill Zybach is based out of Lancaster, Virginia in the United States. As a board member of the US ODF, he leads the Practitioner Development Team. He collaborates globally in developing organization design capabilities, particularly in the US, South Africa and with EODF and the Organization Design Community. His design methods include Holacracy/agile, prototyping, and the Conference Model applied in government, health, finance and manufacturing. In 2010 he joined several colleagues to form ZTC Consulting where he continues his work as Innovation Director.

Rich Thayer is a senior organization consultant based out of Baltimore, MD in the United States. At Royal Dutch Shell he held various leadership roles then moved into organization consulting where he supported strategic change programs, emphasising the root causes and behavioral barriers to high performance in complex multi-national systems. In 2010 he joined several colleagues to form ZTC Consulting where he continues his work as Managing Director.