EODF Conference 2017 Dortmund



October 20th to 21st, Dortmund, Germany
We are proud to announce the 2017 edition of the annual EODF Conference.
Come explore with us the world of organisation design.


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Since 2011 the EODF has been bringing innovative and enlightening conferences to the organisation design community throughout Europe. This year’s conference again will be innovative in both its content and process.

EODF 17 will focus on attracting not only leaders and professionals in our field but business leaders who are faced with the day-to-day challenge of implementing operating models concerning digitalization, agile and customer. The conference will showcase practical case studies and solutions in line with our theme Next Generation Organisation Designs. Companies today need to increase revenues, lower costs, and delight customers. Doing so requires reinventing operating models. Join us to find out how businesses and governments are Next Generationizing to cope. If you have any interest in modernizing operating models, you won’t want to miss this conference!

We will include two days of masterclasses (18-19 Oct) before the conference staffed by leaders in our field. The masterclasses are intended to teach new knowledge and skills.







So, who will the 2017 special guests be? For sure these are amazing world-class professionals you’ll be sharing some of the sessions with.
Watch this space for further announcements … 

Sudan Jackson EODF

Sudan Jackson

REWE Digital GmbH

You need rules if you want to be free – creating autonomous work environments – Why are there fewer accidents at roundabouts than at crossroads with traffic lights? And how is it with us in the working world?

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Lars de Laat, Jesper Hanssen, Benny Corvers

Ulbo de Sitter Knowledge Institute

INTERACTIVE SESSION: What makes Agile agile?

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Nina Kreutzfeldt

Nina Kreutzfeldt

Managing Director Kreutzfeldt digital

INTERACTIVE SESSION: The Digital Transformation of the Book Industry – Status, Challenges and Learnings … Digitalization is transforming industries at multiple levels.

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Bill Zybach & Rich Thayer

Bill Zybach &
Rich Thayer

Board Member US ODF & ZTC Consulting

INTERACTIVE SESSION: Accelerate: Doing Business at the SPEED of Success …

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Johann van Jaarsveld

Johann van Jaarsveld

Industrial Psychologist, Simplexity Consulting

INTERACTIVE SESSION: Organisation Design – An African perspective … Organisation design across different African countries, different languages and different cultures.

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Christopher Worley

Christopher Worley

KEYNOTE: The Roots of Agility: How Businesses are Using Organization Design to Embed Agility … “Agility”—the buzzword is everywhere, and it is widely misunderstood. For more than 10 years, Chris has been working with organizations to understand what agility is (and what it isn’t) and how they become more agile.

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Elvira Kalmar

Elvira Kalmár

Head of OD&D at Magyar Telekom

INTERACTIVE SESSION: How Digitalisation is changing our work-life? – Design principles for digital age companies … I would like to share some insights at reflections about what I see and experience at Magyar Telekom and Deutsche Telekom regarding how our life, our way of communication, our ways of learning has been challenged and changed due…

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Dr. Christian Kugelmeier

Dr. Christian Kugelmeier


INTERACTIVE SESSION: Turning the Tanker – Driving entrepreneurship into production lines … In a digitalized world full of complexity, companies – and especially globally operating ones – are confronted with problems more challenging than ever. Which means solutions need to be more agile than ever. VORSPRUNGatwork believes that ambitious organisations have to radically shift their…

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Kim Lloyd

Kim Lloyd

Head of Supply Chain UK/ I - Philips

KEYNOTE: Ensuring the Voice of the Customer Stays Core to Continuous Improvement … “I would like to share some reflection and insights on the role of an internal organisational change agent to ensure the voice of the customer is understood and that business is continually assessing and redesigning itself to be agile and effective amidst the…

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Rudol Stark, Continental

Rudolf Stark

Executive Vice President at Continental AG

KEYNOTE OVERVIEW: Wisdoms from the Front Line – The Transformation of Continental’s Hybrid Electric Vehicles Business … As an executive leader in Continental AG, Rudi has come to appreciate the criticality of aligning strategy, structure and culture. In fact, he’s led and primary impetus for two major redesigns over the last two years – one…

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Women in Organization Design: The early history of Organisation Design is dominated by male researchers and practitioners. This trend seems to have continued despite advances in inclusion in other related fields. But is this really the case, beyond recognition of Organisation Design as profession how have organisations been designed and what role have women played? With more and more women entering the field coupled with the technological changing landscape, Judith Okonkwo, EODF board member, is interested in discussing gender impact on the field of organisation design … She is proposing an Open Space gathering on Day One of the conference focused on and exploring women in organisation design. What is the experience of women doing this critical work? Have you encountered any particular challenges and/or differences worth exploring? Or, does gender not really matter at all?

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18th-19th OCTOBER

This year we will once again offer Masterclasses as a pre-conference opportunity. The conference on Oct 20th and 21st offers you the opportunity to have breadth in topics through our keynotes, interactive sessions and the open space forum; the Masterclasses offer you an opportunity to explore one topic in depth, with a leader in the field of Organisation Design. We have brought together 4 compelling topics we hope you will find difficult to choose between.

  • “Putting the Customer at the Center of a Business via Omni-Channel”
    offered by the Board of the EODF
  • “Making Design Real” delivered by Paul Tolchinsky and Stuart Wigham
  •  “Organisation Design’s Role in Business Agility” delivered by Saket Bivalkar,
    EODF Board member
  • “Adaptive Organisation Design and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop”
    with Stelio Verzera


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The DASA Working World Exhibition in Germany is graciously hosting our conference at their facilities in Dortmund.
Address: Friedrich-Henkel-Weg 1-25, 44149 Dortmund.

Hotels nearby:

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