2016 Thinking, Feeling, Playing, Doing Organisation Design for the 21st Century Organisation

Barcelona, 14th -15th of October 2016 [Spanish version]

Plus 2 Days of Pre-Conference Masterclasses from 12th to 13th

*The entire program will be held in English.

The 21st century has already brought us disruptive organisational designs, made big data mainstream, and deepened our understanding of who we are as humans. EODF16 invites everyone who has experienced and explored the implications of these and other new drivers of organisation design to join us in beautiful Barcelona. At the conference we will share our experiences, learn together and co-create our present in order to discover what else the 21st century may bring us!

We expect more than 100 practitioners and academic professionals to be part of this adventure to think, feel, play and do organisation design.

Join us as we explore…


Wellbeing: the 21st century organisation will embrace wellbeing as a key aspect of success, so we are placing it at the forefront of this conference! The latest research in organisational behaviour shows us that developing our intrinsic motivation, finding meaning in the work we do, exercising our character strengths and experiencing flow in our daily work activities are some of the key ingredients needed to attract and retain talent in the 21st century organisation.

Collective intelligence: using a multidisciplinary approach, we will receive insights from fields such as anthropology, human & animal behaviour, organisational psychology and contemporary art with the aim of exploring inspirational perspectives to release organisational potential.

Big Data: we will explore and unleash the immense potential of Big Data to enrich the new breed of organisational models that respond to the fast growing adaptability, engagement, and collaboration needs of the 21st century organisation. We will explore how Big Data can offer relevant information in terms of employee performance and wellbeing, as well as the subjective experience of customers.

And much, much more!

Experience our unique conference design…

open space1


To challenge and develop community members while also drawing on their insights and expertise we`ve organised the event using “Open Space Technology” sandwiched between innovative keynote speakers. As ever in “Open Space Technology” if you’re not learning or contributing in your session, practice the “Law of two feet” and find somewhere else in the conference where you’ll co-create value!


Uniquely this conference will use gamification to support and encourage value co-creation. We will enrich the conference with games; surprises will appear during the conference with the aim of fostering collaboration and co-creation among the conference participants.



Special guests:

All of our participants are important, co-creating the annual conference together. Nevertheless, we’ve taken care of inviting a few shining practitioners and academics that will ignite the conference with their world-class experiences and generous energy. Come meet them at #EODF16!

Guests revealed:

Estefanía Martínez

is the Spanish illustrator known as Pedrita Parker, she will talk about passion as a key ingredient of the 21st century organisation, and how to build a brand.
We will learn from her desire and her courage to do every day what she loves doing.

Pablo Herreros

is an anthropologist and primatologist. He will share with us his extensive knowledge on collective intelligence, delving deeper into how we can put this knowledge into practice to enhance the success of the 21st century organisation.

Naomi Stanford

(www.naomistanford.com, @naomiorgdesign) is a consultant, teacher and author on matters of organisation design. For two and a half years, Naomi has been Head of Organisation Design in a large UK Government Department supporting their business transformation in line with the Civil Service Reform Plan. Naomi will discuss with us the hard but rewarding day-to-day work of designing an organisation capable of moving from  a risk-averse, hierarchical, very traditional paper-based  “analogue” organisation to a ‘digital’ one without any service loss or disruption.   She will offer insights into what makes her heart sing whilst at work, balanced by the occasional journey home in despair.  Along the way she will pose some fundamental questions for reflection on organisation design theory and practice.

Jeroen van Mastright

works as creative director at FreedomLab, an Amsterdam based innovation hub working oat the intersection of technology, creativity and organisational change. Freedomlab helps organisations to anticipate the future by redefining the present. Jeroen is an expert in the field of Game Design Thinking: using methods and principles from game design to create more human organisations and more engaging experiences. Jeroen has worked on game & gamification related projects for the dutch airlines, insurance companies, ports, newspapers, national tv stations, and international companies such as Nokia and Sony.

Dr. José Navarro

is head of the Department of Social Psychology at the University of Barcelona. José is associate professor of organisational behaviour and organisational theory at the same university. His area of interest is the application of complexity science to understand organisational behavior, specifically in the fields of work motivation and team behavior. Some of his research has been published in journal such as Journal of Organizational Behavior, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Human Relations, Small Groups Research and Journal of Happiness Studies. He teaches in the Erasmus Mundus programme of Work, Organizations and Personnel Psychology different epistemologies (positivism, constructivism and complexity) useful to understand organisational phenomena.

Is it for you…?

This conference is for anyone who has an interest in learning, sharing and co-creating both good and innovative practices in organisation design. We include:
– Organisational and Change Leaders
– Organisation Design Practitioners
– Organisation Development Practitioners
– HR Professionals
– Change, Programme, Project, Agile, and Lean Practitioners
– Academics
– Students

Your Benefits:

– Learn from the wide diversity of European organisation design leaders, practitioners, academics and students
– Gain an understanding of, and experience in applying organisation designs processes and tools
– Develop and challenge their current insights and approaches by learning and discussing the latest practices and research
– Share, test and co-create new ideas, tools and approaches together
– Enhance personal credibility, recognition and reputation by leading an open space session


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